PhD students present at EMS Conference, Stockholm

Lasse Thoresen, Erik Nyström, Gary Kendall, Ambrose Seddon and Peiman Khosravi

PhD research students Peiman Khosravi, Erik Nyström and Ambrose Seddon recently presented papers at EMS12 – the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference – hosted by the Royal College of Music and Elektronmusikstudion,  Stockholm, in June.

In his paper ‘Spectral Spatiality in the Acousmatic Listening Experience: the emergence of autonomous spectromorphological entities’ Peiman dealt with the manner in which the ontological notions of source and sound can become perceptually blurred in more abstract acousmatic contexts, giving rise to the experience of sound-shapes as visuo-spatial ‘entities’. The presentation then discussed the physiological basis of the correlation between the perception of spatial elevation and spectral frequency-range, which gives rise to the experience of ‘spectral space’ as the domain populated by autonomous sonic entities.

Erik presented a set of aesthetic principles for critical phases in textural organisation, and the roles of structure and disorder in electroacoustic music, in his paper, ‘Thermal Crises: Aesthetic Potentials of Texture in the Entropic Continuum.’

Ambrose’s paper, entitled ‘Sound Material Correspondence and Temporal Relationships in Acousmatic Composition: Proposing a Taxonomy of Recurrent Phenomena,’ discussed ways to consider acousmatic musical works in terms of the constituent sound materials and the different kinds of correspondences perceived among them.

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