Daily Archives: September 26, 2014

Joe Perkins (MA Composition) Reflects on his Summer Internship


Joe Perkins (pictured, right) graduated from the BMus programme in July 2014 and has spent this summer completing an internship with award-winning production company Brains and Hunch before he commences the MA in Composition at City this September. We asked him about his experience of the internship:

‘My recent internship with Tom Haines and Chris Branch at ‘Brains and Hunch – Music for Moving Image’ has been an invaluable experience. My understanding of work in a professional studio, such as recording techniques, equipment maintenance, administration, and collaborative work, have all been greatly improved. My other responsibilities involved working with various different theatre companies, such as Filter Theatre and Shunt Events. I have also been assistant sound engineer for a production called ‘The Circus’, which was performed at Edinburgh Fringe this year. This introduced me to new software such as Qlab and Soundflower. In addition, I have been offered further work with Shunt Theatre as a regular performer with my Gypsy Jazz ensemble, ‘Nouveau Gadjo’. My mentors Tom and Chris have helped me greatly with my understanding of composing for moving image, various recording and mixing techniques, an understanding of analog synthesizers/sequencers, Max MSP, Pro Tools and instrument building. I would highly recommend the internship experience!’