The Nature of Risk and the Privacy Calculus

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What do we mean by risk? Some thoughts on methods of handling risk in the context of information privacy


This is part of a series of reflective blogs about my research into the risks associated with disclosure of personal information online.

In this this study, we ask the question: ‘What risks are individuals exposed to when they disclose personal data online?’  This could be when they fill out a form, or when they make a posting on social media, or even just having their online behaviour tracked by digital advertising agents. (more…)

Ethical approval granted


The Computer Science Research Ethics Committee at City, University of London (CSREC) has approved the ethics application for this project submitted by me earlier this year.  Gratified by the quality of comments and the thoroughness of the review.  The Chair of the review panel, Professor Jason Dykes said: “This is a largely well thought-out and comprehensive application.”

The University takes its ethical responsibilities very seriously, particularly in light of recent developments in the use of research data for undeclared purposes.  During the review I received very useful feedback from senior colleagues on the proposed methodology and this gave me an opportunity to refine my approach.

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