About the STARs study

STARs is an innovative intervention study which aims to enhance wellbeing and communication by facilitating and promoting storytelling among care home residents.

Residential care provision takes place in a unique environment, with dual status as both a healthcare facility and a home. It also accommodates a unique population, many of whom have multimorbidities and changing clinical status and presentations.

The communication support needs of care home residents are often high owing to conditions such as dementia, hearing and/or visual impairment. However, situational and environmental barriers may also reduce communication opportunities in care homes, which in turn can be detrimental to residents’ wellbeing.

STARs has a number of linked projects

STARs is funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust.

Here our team lead Professor Lucy Dipper explains more about STARs study aims, rationale and research methodology: Improving the lives of people living in care homes through the power of storytelling – The Dunhill Medical Trust

Click to see a visual representation of the STARs study by our talented collaborator Grace Elizabeth Illustrations: STARs sketchnote

You can see more of Grace’s work here: https://www.graceelizabeth.co.uk/