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A Great Achievement by SUGAR!


Safewards interventions (includes SUGAR) 

Hello to all SUGAR members and followers.

The SUGAR group was initially established by Professors Len Bowers and Alan Simpson to contribute to the development and testing of a package of interventions designed to reduce levels of conflict and containment on acute mental health wards.

Throughout the five years of the research programme, Len Bowers and his colleagues regularly consulted with members of SUGAR on various aspects of the study including the choice of interventions. That package of interventions became known as Safewards and you can find out all about them here:

The research study demonstrated that implementation of the Safewards interventions led to significant reductions in levels of conflict and containment compared with those wards providing usual care. It was concluded that simple interventions aiming to improve staff relationships with patients can reduce the frequency of conflict and containment.

Mental health nurses in numerous countries across the world are now learning about Safewards and implementing these and other innovations locally.

In recognition of SUGAR’s contribution to this successful study, SUGAR are named authors on the journal paper reporting the results recently published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies. You can read the paper here

Take care all,

Alan Simpson.

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