When the new City Law School building opened, I was looking forward to having a place dedicated to Law students to study, relax with friends and access the library. The City Law School is located in a new and modern building just 30 seconds away from the main university buildings at City in Northampton Square.

I believe it is a fantastic place to study and, although I have not had any lectures taking place here, you can always find me here studying, relaxing or having lunch after my lectures. Here’s five reasons why I think it’s an amazing place for Law students:


Great silent study space

The City Law School building holds a lot of amazing study places located on two different floors. Here you can find yourself a place to focus on your studies and your exams, away from all distractions. The second floor is also where lots of academics and lecturers have their offices; thus, it is easy for you to arrange a meeting with them if you are struggling with any content, and continue with your studies afterwards.


Lots of areas to socialise

Almost every month you will find more than one event taking place at the City Law School atrium. This is because it is an amazing place to socialise, relax and network with your colleagues. The main sofas located in the atrium are also a cosy place where you can get together with your friends. You are also very close to Aspretto café, so you can enjoy your favourite beverage whilst being comfortable.


Bookable study group areas

The group study areas are, in my opinion, the best ones within the City Law School. They feature connected screens and the newest technology to help you and your group deliver an outstanding group project. These rooms are usually less crowded than the ones found in the main University building and are also a fantastic place to revise with friends.


A fully stocked Law library

If you cannot find a book online, rest assured that the City Law Library will have it. If not, the Law Librarians and the staff are incredibly helpful and can guide you to get your books and assigned readings ready for you. Here you can also find plenty of individual quiet study spaces surrounded by law books, giving you lots of inspiration during revision time.


The garden at the City Law school

Another feature of this new building is the little gem that is the garden of the City Law School. This is the perfect area to wind down, drink a coffee or tea with friends, or escape to take a quick break from studying. There are usually plenty of events taking place in this garden, such as the latest Spring Thing activity – where a petting zoo came to the City Law building to help us, students, enjoy a different fun activity.


The City Law School has an amazing building and I highly recommend every law student to make the most of it – after all, it is made for us!


Written by Elisa, third-year LLB student at The City Law School

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