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  1. Dr. Claire Stramrood at |

    Seeing that the research is scarce (unfortunately), you may as well add this article:
    We actually did find fathers with full PTSD, even though we didn’t calculate prevalence rates due to the relatively small sample.

    1. Susan Ayers at |

      Some research was also presented at the SRIP conference last month by Doug Charlton and Debbie-Carrick Sen that looked at PTSD in fathers whose wives or partners had been admitted to a high dependency unit following complications during birth. It provoked a lot of discussion so this is clearly an area that needs exploring further.

  2. Doug Charlton at |

    I am in the proces of finishing my PhD looking at fathers and PTSD following complex birth and gave a presentation at this years SRIP. Conference and hope to follow this up with the qualitative data at next years conference in Malta.


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