Service user and carer involvement


The study contains a strong thread of service user and carer involvement throughout.

The original study proposals were developed in consultation with a service user/carer research advisory group (SUGAR), established and facilitated by the chief investigator. Co-investigator Alison Faulkner is a highly respected and published service user researcher and has contributed to the design and will play a central part throughout the study.

We have established a Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG) of service users and carers which will meet at least four times with the study team to discuss and advise on the development of the study and interpret findings from a service user/carer perspective. Representatives from the LEAG will also be members of the Project Advisory Group.

Six service user researchers have been recruited to work on the study, under-taking interviews with service users and carers. All six will receive training and on-going support from members of the research team.

We hope that some of the service user researchers will post some personal reflections on this blog as the study progresses. Watch this space.


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