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News – 01 September 2017


Hello and welcome to the September update!

It has been a very busy month for us. First off, data collection for the focus group study with recent mothers has recently been completed, and data analysis is well underway. We will report more on this in due course. Second, we were delighted to have been participants in this year’s #HVWeek, where we wrote a little blog post on the role of electronic communication in facilitating collaborative working between midwives and health visitors. A summary of #HVweek is on Storify (Credit to Julie Cooper of the IHV for the link).

This September we are busy with conferences, with Ryc presenting at the Division of Health Psychology conference, Ellinor at the Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology conference, and Ros at the International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing! Looking forward to telling you all about these events in next month’s update.

Until then,
-Team COPE


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