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Women’s rage: New research project

Rosalind Gill and Laura Favaro are part of the international research team for a new project on ‘The mediatization of women’s rage: frames of intelligibility and narrative transformation strategies’. It follows from a large project on the resignification of women as victims (2016-2019) (see, and has been awarded a three-year grant from the Spanish Government (PID2020-113054GB-I00). The PIs are Sonia Núñez Puente (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) and María José Gámez Fuentes (Universitat Jaume I), and other international team members include Catherine Rottenberg (University of Nottingham), Sarah Banet-Weiser (Annenberg School), and Barbara Zecchi (University of Massachusetts Amherst), who has already produced results in the form of two video essays:

ON OUTRAGE in the TV series Unbelievable:
ON DAMAGE in Marcella:
Laura is exploring the theme of ‘women’s rage’ in her current research on the ‘gender wars’ in feminism, and Ros is interested in mediated affect and neoliberalism.

Also part of the research team is Emma Gómez Nicolau, who has been granted a two months stay at GSRC to examine youth engagement with feminisms. Emma is researching how emotions mediate young people’s participation in feminist and queer movements in Spain.

sbrp126 • September 20, 2021

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