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GSRC Feminist Collaging Workshop with Asma Istwani

Last month, we had the delight of hosting collage, paint, and mixed-media artist, Asma Istwani as she lead an online collaging workshop. Here, we learnt about the different types of collage as Asma guided us through tips and techniques, as well as discussed the ways collaging can be used as a method of expressing feminist rage.

Some of our participants shared their reflections from the session:

“What a wonderful workshop- so enriching, inspiring, and with a very special open and trusting vibe that Asma created. It felt like we started off in an anxious, stressed, frazzled state, and, through Asma’s skills and generosity, we all managed to produce something meaningful and powerful and to feel connected”.

“It was a very enjoyable working process experience that helped me to dig in theory”.

“I found the collaging workshop such a cathartic experience. I got totally lost in cutting, sticking, and rearranging the images from women’s magazines. Asma created such a caring and encouraging atmosphere through which we could discuss feminist rage and anger in open and vulnerable ways”.

Find out more about Asma’s work here.

sbrp126 • November 3, 2021

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