Teaching Here and There, new crowd-sourced Podcast episode

Welcome to this special extended episode of the podcast series, ‘Teaching Here and There’

Presented by Dom Pates, James Rutherford of City, University of London, and Dr Ivan Sikora, University of West London. This episode features crowd-sourced content, with the hosts introducing the contributions of 12 guests from across the globe, each of whom has sent in their answers to 3 questions posed in the last episode. Their responses are enlightening, affirming, questioning, and challenging, but also cautiously hopeful for the future of hybrid teaching. This feature-length episode does have some handy pause points if you need to take a break or two while listening.

The hosts would like to sincerely thank the following contributors; Sian Bayne, Scott Doyle, Jorge Freire, Sonia Hetzner, Ori Igwe, Banan Al Kafri, John Lee, Lawal Muhammad, Tim Neumann, Santanu Vasant, Puiyin Wong and Zac Woolfit.

We do hope you enjoy listening to this latest episode and would be very happy if you would like to send in your voice message here: ⁠https://anchor.fm/teachinghereandthere/message⁠. If you prefer, please email us at teachinghereandtherepodcast@gmail.com or get in touch on Twitter @THAThybridpod.

This is a PSR Production ©2023

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