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Welcome to Now That’s What We Call OD, the blog all about Organisational Development (OD) at City! We hope that this blog will be a place for tips, tricks and insights covering a wide range of OD topics.

We want this to be a place where people from across the whole University can share their thoughts and ideas, so you will find posts from a wide range of people. Lets get started.


What is OD?

For us at City, Organisational Development is improving City’s organisational performance through its people and systems so it can thrive.

This is done at the University through:

  • Learning and Development – Professional development opportunities for staff across the University. This can include leadership programmes, wellbeing sessions, and equality & diversity training.
  • Core OD Interventions – Interventions that positively influence areas such as ways of working, staff engagement, City’s sense of community, well-being and recognition.
  • Internal OD Consultancy – Supporting Schools, Services, teams and individuals on request in areas such as developing strategic plans, team effectiveness, process improvement, focussed leadership development and organisational design.


Who are the OD team at City?

The OD team come from a range of backgrounds including Organisational Development; Learning & Development; Organisational Psychology; Human Resource Management; and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

It includes:

James Bryan, Head of Organisational Development

Anne Payne
Organisational Development Manager

Sandra Brown
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Sally Sambrook
Organisational Development Manager
Kavita Powley
Race Equality Manager
Olga Lavrentieva
Organisational Development Manager
Michael Jannetta
Equality Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Ailbhe Lynch
Organisational Development Advisor
Emily Pepin
Organisational Development Advisor
Jonny Line
Organisational Development Coordinator
Ani Bakos
Organisational Development Administrator


There are a wide range of interests across the team. Some examples are:

Leadership, followership, personal development, team development, coaching, mentoring, equality, diversity, culture, staff engagement, wellbeing, personality, strengths, staff experience, employment law, and evidence-based practice.



So, what is this blog for?

Now we have explored what Organisational Development is and introduced the team, you may be wondering why this blog has been set up? The purpose of this blog is to informally share interesting and useful tips, thought pieces, and opinions from people across the University – to hear about the exciting work that is going on in supporting people and teams to thrive.

We invite you to get involved, and if you would like to contribute, please fill in the box below. Now THAT is what we call OD.


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