Notes from a Service User


Please find an account from one of our Service User Research Assistants (SURAs) about her involvement on the study.

I have been involved in the Collaborative Care Planning Project (COCAPP) at City University London since May 2013 as a service user researcher.  The service user researchers received training to conduct qualitative interviews using a semi-structured interview schedule.  I completed my first interview with a service user and found the schedule really useful.  The questions I asked were from the interview schedule and concentrated on their care.  For example, ”Can you tell me what happens when your care is reviewed?” and “Can you tell me about your Care Coordinator?”  I also asked about recovery and personalisation.  The lady I interviewed was very happy with the care she receives so I left some of the prompts out.

After the interview, I filled in the Gibbs Reflective Cycle which is filled in after every interview.  This cycle makes you think about the interview contents by asking your feelings, evaluation, analysis, and conclusion and action plan.  I reflected that even though the interview went well, I could have asked more prompts about the questions she did answer.  This would have provided a more in-depth interview.  I think this reflective cycle is a very useful tool that will help you improve your interview technique.

Being involved in COCAPP has given me lots of confidence and the team are very supportive and fun.  I look forward to conducting more interviews with service users soon.



Welcome to our project blog. We have set this up to share information and news about our research study exploring collaborative care planning.  We are aiming to identify the components that are most important to ensure that care planning and coordination for people with severe mental illness is:

  • Recovery-focused
  • Personalised
  • Collaborative

We hope that you join us on our journey through this research and we welcome comments and discussion. You can find out more about us (the research team) on Meet the Team page and about the project on the About the project page.

We will be providing regular updates about our study as it evolves and we hope that you find the research interesting.

Best wishes,

Alan Simpson

Chief Investigator