About the Course

Digital Literacies and Open Practices is a 15 credit module taught at City, University of London as part of the MA in Academic Practice. The course has been taught online since October 2020, with three days of live synchronous teaching and 5 webinars. The module covers:

  • The changing nature of student learning, including exploring concepts such as ‘digital natives’, generational-based assumptions, the increasing use of social media platforms.
  • Supporting information and digital literacies among students
  • Developing Open Practices: the development and use of open educational resources and the ethical and legal issues associated with digital information
  • The nature of the digital scholar: understanding how technologies are changing both teaching and research practices in the context of your discipline
  • Preparing teaching and learning resources using technologies and understanding the specific issues associated with developing, using and re-using open educational resources
  • Using tools and technologies to support specific aspects of teaching including administration, assessment and feedback, widening participation and accessibility issues
  • Researching the use of technology in HE and the need for an evidence-based approach (this will be embedded in the module rather than a topic in its own right)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:


Knowledge and understanding:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the current use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in higher education (UKPSF K4)
  • Critically evaluate the impact of new technologies on staff and student digital literacies (UKPSF A2, K4)
  • Reflect on your approach to open practices with regards to your teaching and research outputs. (UKPSF A5)


  • Acquire an evaluative framework for the deployment of digital resources (UKPSF K4, K5)
  • Reflect systematically and critically on professional practice (UKPSF A5)
  • Enhance professional practice and routines (UKPSF A5)
  • Demonstrate enhanced and developing information and digital literacy skills to use a range of tools and technologies in your academic practice (UKPSF A5, K4)

Values and attitudes:

  • Respond to the needs of a diverse learning community (UKPSF V1)
  • Discuss evidence as a rationale for innovation and change in academic practice (UKPSF V3)

Teaching methods

A range of teaching and learning methods will be deployed including online learning, workshops, group work, case studies, self-reflection, peer review and collaboration and evidence-based practice. This course requires you attend 3 teaching days held at City, University of London and cannot be studied entirely online.

There is also independent study time allocated to this module. For some of this, you will be engaged in online activities such as sharing and discussing literature, and you will also develop your assessment during this time.


You will make a 5 minute video exploring an aspect of digital literacies or open practice and how it relates to your own practice and complete a 500 word reflective evaluation.

In addition you will choose one of the following:

  • A 2,000 word evaluative essay on the impact of open practice, digital literacy or digital technologies on an aspect of Learning and Teaching, Research or Administration in UK Higher Education. This should include evidence of a critical engagement with the appropriate literature and its impact on your own professional practice and identity. The title is to be agreed with the module lead.


  • A 2,000 word reflective and critical analysis and review on the use of technology in your own department or team including a discussion of the impact on staff and student digital literacies.