A Moodlefield of Research Development

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Significance of research at City University London

It is clear that the development of research is and will continue to play a major role in many institutions not precluding City University London. As can be demonstrated by the university’s vision, plans are already underway to steer the university towards an international level of research standing. An institution with this type of accreditation can be further elevated to achieve global recognition of research.Evidence of the  development of research might be seen at City University London across a range of subject areas as illustrated by the spotlight on research webpages.

This post provides a synopsis of the research events that are led by the Learning Development Centre(LDC) as well as provide further information on where you might find more information.

Research Development Events

The LDC in conjunction with Academic Development Services(ADS) have been hosting Research Development Days(RDD) and Symposiums over the last three years. The next Spring Researcher’s Development Day will be held on 16th April 2013 and details of how to book can be viewed here.The theme of the event will be around ‘What to do with your Data and Findings’ and will cover expert advice around topics such as:

  • Preparing abstracts and presenting papers and posters at conferences
  • Networking
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • How to get published in journals
  • Entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer
  • Managing a research team and project
  • Viva’s – Preparation needed, the purpose and roles of those involved.
  • The research – teaching relationship

As well as this, the event will provide an open forum to share interests and explore research issues with other researchers and academic staff.

Where to go for more information

During the last year, the MILL team in the LDC have recorded and aggregated most of the sessions into a self-enrolled Moodle module. For more details please click on the image below.

This moodle resource has become a useful resource mainly for researchers that attend the RDD events as it contains slides and embedded videos for most of the sessions. As yet, this resource is still new but is open for all to use.  The resource covers a range of topics aimed at helping delegates develop research practice.

All students and staff are able to self-enrol onto the module and our twitter history also provides good coverage of last year’s session.












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