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Please move the furniture

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Moving the furniture has traditionally been a source of frustration for users of our learning spaces in terms of needing more flexible spaces, having time in sessions to move furniture and leaving rooms in a state…

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Swivel Seating in New Lecture Theatre


  BLG07 is the first lecture theatre at City that contains swivel seating.  This space enables students to participate in interactive lectures including bringing their own devices to work on, moving between activities and working…

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New Learning Spaces


City’s first lecture theatre decked out with vibrant orange swivel seating enabling students to work interactively and in groups during lectures is now available to use.  This room comprises a suite of colourful flexible learning…

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Squiggle glass

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This is squiggle glass Squiggle on it using whiteboard or neon board marker pens Squiggle glass is magnetic Put up paper using magnets… …add post-it notes… …and squiggles Project an image using the pod… …annotate…

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