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The Video Special Interest Group (VideoSIG) invites City staff to participate in a workshop at the Learning at City Conference on Thursday, 6th June 2013, that will showcase practice and introduce the new video platform. The workshop will be of interest to all staff considering making video or using video content as part of their teaching practice.

The New Tools Prezi gives a sneak preview of the workshop content – why not take a look?

Use of video, already popular at City

The use of video to supplement text based materials and lectures or to enrich e-learning activities is well embedded and supported at City. Whether self created, commissioned or shared on the web – video content has been applied across all subject areas and in different contexts e.g. in teaching skills and theory and as source material for a reflective portfolio.

Recently a more innovative use of video has emerged, prompted by both access to You Tube and access to recording devices; and a common desire to make learning more blended and mobile friendly. Examples from City include staff/student video making collaborations to teach skills, student assignments submitted as web hosted video and recordings of lectures and events shared quickly on Moodle, often unedited.

The new video platform ( is expected to deliver a major change in the way staff and students both create and share video. Among other things, it enables users to publish their own content, in a ‘You Tube’ like environment.  The platform is expected to meet the pedagogical needs that have emerged at City e.g. blended and mobile learning, video assessment and video portfolios.

Wondering which technology to use? Have a look at this Prezi with examples.

The workshop will also consider some sample ‘video pedagogy’ frameworks and principles  e.g. the Dial-e Framework (Dial-e,2013) and Jack Koumi’s work on ‘added value video techniques’ (Koumi, 2006).

The Video in Education Special Interest Group (Video SIG) was created in summer 2012 to give staff across the University the opportunity to share practice. There are contact members in all schools, Morris Pamplin (SASS), Natasa Perovic (SHS), Luis Balseca (Cass), Sophie Paluch (Law), Connie Tse (SOI) and Martin Agombar (SEMS).

See you on the 6th June at 3pm   book early to get a place!

Workshop Materials

Part one: What can we do with video?

City Health Learning – on You Tube

Slit Lamp Video – uses a split screen device – City Health Learning

BOB – box of broadcasts

part three: Any Frameworks or guidance out there?

DiAL – e Framework

DiAL- e website

Jack Koumi – website

Clive Young – Video Aktiv Project

Clive Young RE CALL – Lecture Capture

Emily A Moore  – Simple Techniques for Online Video

Video in Education – special interest group VITAL

JISC Digital Media

Part three: What’s new at city?

City Technology Grid 2013

School Video Requirements 2012

Moodle Video Tools


You Tube Time – How to link to a specific part of a you tube video

Embed at a specific time – not tested!  – want even more? – try popcorn


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