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A quick update on a project being developed between SHS and LeAD.

CitySCaPE (City Simulated Community and Practice Experience) is the new simulated reality platform that is being designed to replace Shareville which is a simulated reality teaching package used to teach nursing students about learning disability.

Shareville has been thoroughly evaluated and whilst it has many benefits there a number of big drawbacks a) there was minimal service user involvement in the design and production of the resource and b) it doesn’t represent the diversity of the population in East London c) the graphics and tech are a bit dated to say the least.

At the moment we have a skeleton plan of the areas we wish to include in the resource and aim to produce a resource that will be delivered as a blended learning class-room experience, whereby students work through the programme but at the same time have the opportunity for facilitated discussion which clarifies understanding and allows for sharing of experience.

We are working with a number of specialist agencies in providing input, but more importantly will be working with an East London theatre company for people with learning disabilities who will help us craft video scenario’s that are visually true and represent their own experience.

At present we have had input from two local learning disability specialists, a consultant in autism, and speech and language specialists. We still have to make contact with carers and are due to meet soon with our theatre group.

The main challenges at the moment are financial ( exploring funding streams) and organisational. We are struggling to find a location that doesn’t require the team to film at weekends! The practicalities of organising a shoot and preparing actors is frankly a little daunting.

Once we have the videos shot,our wonderful educational technologists at LeAd (Sandra and Steve) will embed these videos so that they become an interactive part of the resource whereby students can see the choices they make in the situation play out, test their knowledge, and consider their own practice and values.

This is an exciting project that will hopefully act as a model that could be adapted in other areas of the University, providing students an innovative and interactive way to learn. Maybe the vision of a virtual professional world isn’t too far away……..

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  1. Sandra

    July 4, 2014 8:51 pm

    We are really looking forward to working on this venture – hopefully it can lead to more simulated practice projects across City. Sandra and Steve


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