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Pam Parker asked me to write this post to highlight the RISES programme, and given her support and encouragement it is the least I can do after she guided me towards the successful attainment of my Senior Fellowship of the HEA.

I was particularly drawn to the RISES programme because I feel it offered recognition for though of us who wanted to focus upon on our teaching, educational expertise and leadership activities. Undertaking the reflective essay afforded  the time and space to carefully consider how my teaching practice has developed over the past 15 years. The framework helped to structure my thinking in a way that helped me to see the bigger picture of teaching and learning rather than focussing on the every day reactive delivery.  It has also helped me clearly identify what I need to do to move forward in my career and identify gaps in experience.

Focussing on education as the primary focus of ones University career can sometimes leave us feeling a little of the Cinderella to the glamour of research and grants. However I think RISES helps to acknowledge the importance of enhanced teaching practice. So, give it a go and in the words of Karen Rawlings-Anderson “blow your own trumpet!!”

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