My name is Ludovica Price, although I am better known as Ludi Price.

I am a PhD candidate in Information Science at City University London’s School of Informatics, currently researching the information behaviour of fan communities on the internet – the working title of the thesis is “Serious leisure in the digital world: exploring the information behaviours of fan communities”.  My research interests are presently focusing on participatory culture, convergence culture, fan culture, remediation, produsage, prosumers, pro-ams, social metadata, fan tagging and folksonomies, social curation, and commons-based peer production.

I am now in the third year of my PhD studies and am in the final stage of empirical work.

Peripheral (but not strictly unrelated) interests also include comics, creative writing and art.

Far Eastern cataloguer at SOAS Library.

Easily obsessed and easily amused.

Happy to discuss your participatory culture!

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