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EurAI Advanced Course on AI, 27-31 Aug 2018

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Artur Garcez gave a lecture on Relational Neuro-Symbolic AI at the EurAI Advanced Course on AI, 2018, which took place in beautiful Ferrara, Italy.

All the lectures, with overarching theme Statistical Relational AI, are available from the University of Ferrara’s YouTube channel:

Artur Garcez gave two talks: Part 1 gives an overview of two decades of research on neuro-symbolic AI. Part 2 describes in some detail two neuro-symbolic systems for relational learning: Connectionist ILP and the Logic Tensor Networks framework.

NeSy18, 23-24 Aug 2018

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The 13th International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning took place in Prague during HLAI 2018 with a record number of participants. We thank all those who attended and, in particular, the speakers who contributed papers and our distinguished invited speakers: Hava Siegelmann, DARPA & University of Massachusetts Amherst, Luciano Serafini, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Simo Dragicevic, CEO, BetBuddy Ltd, Thomas Lukasiewicz, University of Oxford, and Paul Smolensky, Johns Hopkins University & Microsoft Research. Contributions to the workshop will be published (revised and extended) in the Journal of Applied Logics, College Publications.

A meeting with Paul Smolensky

News, Seminar.

21 Aug 2018, 12noon to 3pm, AG05

Prof Paul Smolensky, Johns Hopkins University and Microsoft Research, will be visiting the Research Centre for Machine Learning for a conversation on neuro-symbolic computing, his book (with Legendre), The Harmonic Mind, MIT Press, and recent papers and results using Tensor Product Representations (TPR) and learning such as A neural-symbolic approach to design of captcha,, as well as applications of TPRs to natural language tasks and data sets such as the Stanford question answering dataset SQuAD.


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