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The Student Experience

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When choosing which university to study at I asked my graduate friends and colleagues their opinions of university, and whether it was worth it. They always started their response with a spiel of how their time at university was the time of their life, before encouraging me to apply. I wondered how an optional three years of studying could conjure such fond memories? I believe they were reminiscing over their student experience.

“What is this elusive ‘student experience’?” You ask. (Well, I’ll pretend you did).

The student experience, according to the MARYAM-Webster online Dictionary, is a unique collection of people you meet, activities you partake in and feelings you have, all whilst in university. Whilst the academia aspect remains universal for every student at university there are various things that can enrich your years spent here. A snapshot of my student experience includes blogging, tutoring and being involved with the Speech and Language Therapy Society.

Here are some things that you could do to enhance your time at City, University of London:

  1. Join a society
    These are typically groups created for people who have common interests, study the same course or want to promote a philanthropic cause. Real examples of societies include the Beyoncé society and the Hummus society. There is a society for everyone out there, and if you don’t feel that is entirely true, well then you can just make one as well just for you!
  2. Get a job
    City is great for flexible work that slots in to your timetable and there is a recruitment agency on site that regularly posts up campus jobs. Moreover, you could join the marketing team as they hire students to help advertise and represent the university at open days and higher education fairs.
  3. Attend events
    When I walk around campus there are events advertised which are open to all students. Why not come to see one of the sports team compete or attend a themed night at City Bar?

So, whether you decide to join 10 societies, or just the one, remember that there is always so much happening at university. It is up to you to shape your student experience whilst you are here.

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