EXPLAINED: Top terms used in education during the pandemic

Online chat callSince the pandemic, the way learning takes place at university has had to adapt and change. Perhaps you have just started university or are researching your future options and have been seeing some of the terms used to describe these ways of learning and work pop up a lot more.

If so, here’s a quick guide to what some of the key terms mean and how you might be learning at university.

Asynchronous learning

Your learning isn’t constrained by a specific time. You and other students access online resources or pre-recorded lessons whenever and wherever it suits you. You work on your own and at your own pace.

Blended learning

You complete your studies through a combination of face-to-face classroom experiences and online learning.

Online learning

Your studies are done over the internet. This could include accessing materials and resources online (through Moodle for City students) or attending webinars or tutorials in Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Working from home, something you might have come across if you’ve been looking for placements or jobs. Some new opportunities are likely to now be advertised with the option to work from home rather than in an office or specific location. (Think of the benefits: no commute time and the chance to work with organisations across the country!)


A live seminar or workshop is when the lecturer leads students through materials such as a PowerPoint online all together at the same time. The lecturer may allow students to type comments or questions in chat boxes, ask students to answer polls, or raise their hands and ask questions out loud. This can also be called synchronous learning or a virtual classroom.

Have you come across any others terms? Let us know in the comments!

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