University life beyond academia: The social life of university

Hey, I am Dounia. A Postgraduate student (i.e. master’s student) studying Organisational Psychology. I also studied my Undergraduate degree in Psychology at City.  

People often associate university with education, and rightfully so. But sometimes, the best parts of your university experience are the social elements.

Granted, it might not be for everyone, the socialising thing, and that’s OK. But for those who wish to take away more than just grades from your university experience, here are some things you might want to get involved with.   


Societies are essentially a group of individuals who come together for a shared purpose, interest, or pretty much anything else! From Go Karting to the Psychology society, there is a wide range of societies for you to choose from. If you don’t find the right one for you then you can always make your own. The Student’s Union will support you every step of the way. (Read Tasfia’s post giving you a crash course in the Students’ Union.)

I was involved in the creation and running of the City Unicef Society a few years back. It was one of the best decisions we, as a group, made.

We got together to organise fundraising events and even co-hosted a few with other universities. We met so many amazing people, all unique, drawn together by their value to make a difference for those less fortunate than themselves. It was amazing to say the least hence my recommendation of it, to you.  

Societies are also an amazing way to push yourself out of your comfort zone. There are many that sport societies that challenge you with every meeting or event. The go karting society is another amazing example: now if that is not a challenge then what is! It is a great way to make your university experience memorable.  

Student Ambassadors  

Now this is probably a less conventional way of getting involved in the university but I found it to be the most effective way to do so. Becoming a Student Ambassador means that you are employed by the university to help run different events that take place on campus.

If you’ve been to a universty open day or a university event, you’ve probably seen us lurking around the corridors or even showing you around! You may have even asked us for some help. And if so, good! Because we are here to help. 

I’ve made some amazing friends during my shifts as an ambassador, and the staff I have worked with have always been so kind and friendly.

It honestly doesn’t feel like work. And just to sell it a little more, it’s flexible so it fits around your studies. It’s the best of both worlds, and most of what I know about the university, I have learnt through my role as a Student Ambassador. Friends, Fun and Funds!

The Careers and Employability Team 

A student getting support at City's careers service

These are your knights in shining armour for all things career related. They offer CV feedback, mock interviews, and aid with career exploration. They run so many amazing schemes: the professional mentoring scheme and the micro-placement programme, to name a few.

The Careers and Employbility team are there to ensure that you are employable at the end of your degree, so make the most of them! Read Anisa’s tips on making the most of this careers support at uni.

I came into university with a pretty much non-existent CV but, with their help and direction, have been able build a pretty good one (if I do say so myself). Also, many of the schemes and events they offer are amazing networking opportunities, so take up the chance to form connections in your ideal field.  

Keep an eye out for what to get involved in

Needless to say, I have taken part in all that was listed above … there will always be events and opportunities popping up in your student inbox and on student hub sites so make sure you keep an eye out for them!

Find out more about City’s student societies. Or check out Tasfia’s post giving you a crash course in the Students’ Union.

Read Anisa’s tips on making the most of this careers support at uni.

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