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The Cultural Policy of Cool Japan: Casey’s new article

In November 2013, Dr Casey Brienza’s article for International Journal of Cultural Policy, ‘Did Manga Conquer America? Implications for the Cultural Policy of “Cool Japan”,’ was published online.

Abstract: This paper explores the efficacy of an international cultural policy based upon the export of a nation’s popular culture through the case study of Japanese comic books, called manga, in the USA. I begin by exploring the origin of the historical and theoretical underpinnings of ‘Cool Japan’ and providing a concise account of the Japanese cultural policies in this vein. Then, drawing upon participant observation and seventy in-depth, semi-structured interviews from informants in and around the American manga publishing industry, I discuss in detail what is actually involved in publishing Japanese comic books in the USA post-2007. Arguing that what they do is first and foremost to make manga American, I conclude by discussing the implications of these findings for the likely fortunes of ‘Cool Japan’ and any other cultural policy premised upon exporting popular culture.

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sbbk273 • November 15, 2013

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