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Andy Pratt discusses gentrification

Andy Pratt was interviewed on BBC Radio London today (Eddie Nestor: Drive Time), discussing the issues of gentrification and the creative industries; and housing in areas like Shoreditch and Brick Lane. This was linked to a news story about a protest march held to protest against gentrifying neighbourhoods; and to look after local communities and cultural activities. The massive redevelopment of the Bishopsgate Goods Yard next to Spitalfields Market is stoking debate in this area of London.Andy has been researching the Inner East End of London and its cultural economy for 20 years; later this term he is visiting Seoul in South Korea to discuss the challenges of gentrification for artists and cultural activities in cities around the world. Andy has done research in many places, but looked at this issue in detail in New York and San Francisco.
The programme can be listened to here
The segment begins around 17 mins -runs to 30 min. Andy tried to emphasise the basics of what gentrification is and what causes it, and the negative consequences for the diversity of London life.
Andy said that “a piece by Dan Hancox in today’s Guardian broadly summarises my position. Except that I’d want to develop the consequences for the urban cultural economy (formal and informal, for and not for profit). I discuss this in a paper I wrote about Hoxton. and a series of other papers that can be found on my page

sbbk273 • September 28, 2015

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