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CCI at 40!

The Centre for Culture and the Creative Industries celebrated its 40th birthday – which falls this year – with an alumni event last week. A party was held and more than 70 people were able to attend, we had representatives of most previous years! The party took place at the wonderful Jerwood Space (behind Tate Modern), and what was the only day of summer this year – so it was perfect.

There is a gallery of photographs and a video that will be posted as soon as its edited. It was wonderful to re-acqaint with old students and hear what they were doing (we are writing a separate post on this), as well as make contact with alumni we had lost touch with. Of course, due to the international character of the programs that CCCI has been responsible for over the years the vast majority are scattered over the globe (many leading the development and expansion of the cultural economy), and understandably could not attend. We have had lots of messages from people who would have liked to be present.

We are making a new effort to reach out electronically to them and re-linking the whole network. It is a challenge as the programmes began before the internet, and social networks…! However, our Linked In site is a good place to begin.

sbbk273 • June 13, 2016

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