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Going Global with the British Council

Andy has been invited to present his  research on Creative Hubs commissioned by the British Council (22-24 May). The panel will include presentations on Hubs globally, including Vietnam (whom Andy has been advising regarding their creative hubs strategy).

Going Global, the British Council’s annual open forum for leaders of international higher and further education. The conference offers a unique opportunity to welcome more than 1,200 leaders from international education ministries alongside vice-chancellors, government policy advisors as well as senior industry and media representatives from more than 80 countries.

Going Global 2017 will focus on the role of tertiary education in shaping cities for the future, and the role of cities in shaping knowledge and innovation. The conference will explore how, in connecting and learning from each other, cities offer huge potential to tackle the grand global challenges, as well as to connect and build a global civic society.  We will look at this through four lenses: research and innovation, leadership, societies and communities and talent development and flows, all within relation to tertiary education institutions.

sbbk273 • February 21, 2017

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