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New (old) book for Andy

In a ‘blast from the past’ Routledge have decided to reprint a book that Andy edited 23 years ago! In a world where many academic books don’t survive 5 years in print, or are pulped, this is a surprise! The book, first published in 1994, was a collection that Andy edited with Rick Ball (now, sadly, deceased) on industrial property. It was a sub-field of research that Andy sought to pioneer that explored the real life nature of property provision in industrial location and local employment policy. This challenged behavourialist, and Neo-classical models of economic development. The book has been re-ssued as as a part of Routledge’s Library of Industrial Economics series. Andy has written a revised introduction. Whilst Andy’s research focus has moved on, its nice to see that the work is still regarded as relevant. Andy’s most recent work has look at Creative Hubs and the nature of knowledge exchange, and is concerned with the interaction between buildings, place and people.

Ball.R and Pratt. AC (2018) Industrial property: policy and economic development, Routledge  (ISBN 978-1-13857365-9)

sbbk273 • February 21, 2018

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