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Creative Hubs in Question: new book from Ros and Andy

Ros and Andy are please to announce the publication of their new edited book (along with Tarek Virani) on Creative Hubs. The book arose out of the AHRC research project on creative hubs in London, plus research Andy, Tarek and Janet Merkel did with the British Council on Creative Hubs, and as part of Ros’s EU networking grant on the dynamics of virtual work. It is also another book in a successful series that Ros is series editor for (with Ursula Huws). Ros and Andy are very pleased that so many current and former CCI staff are involved in the book: Janet, Jo, and Marisol, plus Cecilia Dinardi. The book is dedicated to the sad loss of Debbie Dickinson.

Full details of the book are to be found here.  A book launch is being arranged on May 14th at Queen Mary University of London.

Creative hubs have become a cornerstone of economic and cultural policy with only the barest amount of discussion or scrutiny. This volume offers the first interrogation of creative hubs, with ground-breaking critical writing from a combination of established scholars and new voices. Looking across multiple sites trans-nationally, and combining theoretical and empirical reflections, it asks: what are creative hubs, why do they matter, and are they making the world a better place?

Creative Hubs in Question discusses creative hubs in relation to debates about creative cities, co-working spaces and workers’ co-operatives. Featuring case studies from Argentina to the Netherlands, and Nigeria to the UK, the contributions address how hubs are situated in relation to projects of equality and social justice, and whether and in what ways they change the experiences of the creatives who work in them.

Drawing on a range of disciplinary perspectives including sociology, geography, economics, media and communications, culture and creative industries, critical policy studies, gender studies, race and ethnicity, and urban studies, this collection will be of interest to policy makers, academics, scholars, students and practitioners across these fields.

sbbk273 • March 27, 2019

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