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Intergovernmental meeting on culture: Andy Pratt gives keynote

Andy Pratt gave the keynote lecture that launched the ‘8th Inter- American Meeting of Ministers of Culture’ in Bridgetown, Barbados last week. The meeting, under the auspices of the Organisation of American states, hosted the Ministers of culture from 35 states in the Americas (South/Central America, Caribbean, and North America). Andy spoke about ‘Understanding and supporting innovation in the creative economy’. The Ministers had a lively debate recognising the challenges and opportunities of the Creative Economy (or the Orange Economy as it is referred to in the region); particular emphasis was placed upon developing co-operation between nation states to collect data and develop measurement techniques appropriate to the creative economy.

Andy’s contribution was welcomed by the Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports of Barbados (Hon. John King MP) as a stimulus for the debate. Andy had the opportunity to discuss the creative economy with all the Ministers of the region.  Andy had been working with cities and nations in South America in the last few years, particularly Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil; moreover, earlier this year Andy was invited to Cuba to discuss strategies for the Creative Economy.

This is a clear example of how academic knowledge is transferred to and acted upon by policy makers and politicians at the highest levels. It is also an example of City’s leadership in this field.

Andy has played a central role in UN level policy making for the Creative Economy, helping to produce the three Creative Economy Reports (2008, 2010, 2013 ), and the Framework for Cultural Statistics 2009 (with both UNCTAD and UNESCO). Later this month Andy is launching and co-organising an event with UNCTAD in Geneva to frame the topics for the next global creative economy report.

sbbk273 • September 26, 2019

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