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Andy gave a keynote at a symposium in Paris (February 2-3) on the implications for cultural policy of digitisation. The Symposium was entitled ‘Towards a new cultural policy for the digital age’ and was organised by ZdHK (Zurich School of Art) and took place at the Gaite Lyrique theatre. Papers from the symposium are being collected into a special issue of the journal ‘City, Culture and Society’. The venue which specialises in Musicals theatre and innovative alternatives, has wonderful original internal architecture, although the auditoria have been modernised and refitted. A parallel event of immersive light sculpture ‘Faire Corps’ (by Adrien M and Claire B) was showing at the venue. The symposium presenters were also treated to a Director’s tour of the Pompidou Museum, and the exhibition ‘Life in The making’ by the artists Christian Boltanski (who is the brother of the academic Luc Boltanski ‘The new spirit of capitalism’)

sbbk273 • February 5, 2020

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