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‘City, Culture and Society’ goes from strength to strength

Prof Andy Pratt is the Managing Editor of the journal City, Culture and Society, a responsibility that he has  held for 5 years; he was also one of the founding editors of the Journal 27 Years ago. In that time the journal has grown and developed into a leading journal in the field. Citations are a way that measure the utility and popularity of a journal: if people are citing articles they are relevant. The latest citation statistics place it as one of the top 3 journals in the world in this field. As the figure shows, it has citations higher than 98% of its competitors. A  virtuous cycle develops between high citations and reputation, academics like to publish where their work will be read and used. High citations are part of the currency that gets academics promotion.

Aside from being an active managing editor of the journal, Andy is reflexive in his research. A case study as part of the CICERONE Horizon 2020 project that Andy and Toby Bennett are researching is about the emergence and development of the scientific publishing industry. CCS is not the case study, but it does provide insights into this activity.

sbbk273 • February 9, 2022

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