CERES Spring meeting held at City on the 12th of March

CERES Spring meeting was held at City, University of London on the 12th of March.

For this whole-day meeting, we hosted representatives from member companies, academics, researchers and students from City, as well as a few guests interested in the work of CERES.

During the meeting, six new project proposals were presented by academics from City, University of London. Members had an opportunity to discuss proposals and vote for the projects that were most relevant to the industry. When new projects to be run are selected, CERES will be recruiting again, so make sure to stay connected and informed about the news.

Further on, PhD students gave a short update on already running projects:

  • Neeraj Birkamadity spoke about Numerical Study of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Leakage flows of Rotating Machinery
  • Anderson Leao presented on Experimental investigation of leakage gap flows
  • Anurag Kishan spoke about Clearance Measurement in Rotating Positive Displacement Machines
  • Halil Lacevic gave an update on Development of Low and High Order Models for Internally-Geared Screw Machines
  • Jin Zhou presented updates in a Systematic approach to optimize the discharge port design of the Internally Geared Screw Machines

We concluded the day with two interesting Keynotes from Dr Gunter Machu (Hoerbiger) and Dr Billy Milligan (Howden, a Chart Industries Company).

Dr Gunther spoke about EFRC – European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors and gave an insight into the history of EFRC, as well as its activities and the impact the forum has on the Reciprocating Compressors industry. It was very useful for members to see how a similar structure is operating and what are the advantages of membership in such consortium/forum.

Dr Milligan spoke about Augmented Reality and its use in Compressor technology. We had the opportunity to see examples of AR applications developed by Howden and hear about the benefits of this technology in our field.


We wish to extend our gratitude to members, guests and keynote speaker for fruitful discussion and we are looking forward to our next meeting which is scheduled for September this year.

Companies and organisations wishing to learn more about the CERES Consortium membership should contact Centre for Compressor Technology Director, Professor Ahmed Kovacevic at A.Kovacevic@city.ac.uk