Bi-annual CERES consortium meetings

CERES Consortium will meet twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn. The meetings are expected to have a duration of 1 day. The chair of the meetings will be rotation and appointed from City’s Compressor Centre research community providing the opportunity to develop researcher management capability. Minimum 50% of the consortium members are required for the decision on which projects will be funded.

Spring meeting

During the Spring meeting, the academics will present potential projects to the Consortium based on the previously defined themes collected from the industrial members of the Consortium. Project proposals will be tailored to best reflect the needs of the Consortium members and their research challenges. The proposals will contain technical aspects of the project, explain how they are related to the requirements from the industrial partners in the Consortium, define benefits to the Consortium as a whole and a detailed budget & expected duration of the project.
Based on the funds available and agreed project scoring, the members of the Consortium will decide which projects will be funded. The projects that will not be funded in that round may be reassessed at next meeting if the members agree. Consortium can make an assessment that a project could be expanded and therefore should follow a route to apply for external (e.g., Research Council) funding.

Autumn meeting

During the autumn meeting, the researchers (Postdoc, PhD and MSc) will present the work developed until that point of the project and will receive suggestions on the future development of each project. The industrial members are expected to participate actively in the discussion. At least one academic paper per year is required to be published from each project in reputable international journal.
The members of the Consortium will be asked to provide their recommendation for new topics to be developed into projects for the following year, which will then be detailed by the Academics of City and presented in the following Spring meeting.