Month: March 2014

E book heaven

At City University London Library we currently have an ebook trial of over 63000 ebooks from EBL. The trial will continue until the budget available for this project has been spent. Titles can be seen here. The first title on the list is the rather interestingly titled Color Atlas of Human Poisoning and Envenoming…Continue Reading E book heaven

Read for Research update

City University London Library has been working in partnership with our research students with our Read for Research promotion. Since November 2013 our researchers have recommended titles for purchase by the Library in support of building research collections. We have found that a selection of students from all of our departments have requested titles and…Continue Reading Read for Research update

Project Muse Premium Collection

I’m very pleased to say that we have a new database at City University London Library. The Project Muse Premium Collection is MUSE’s foremost collection of high quality, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journals from leading university presses, not-for-profit publishers and prestigious scholarly societies in humanities and social sciences. All journals available on the MUSE platform are…Continue Reading Project Muse Premium Collection