Finding Open Access Content

The amount of peer-reviewed open access articles available online is increasing every year, but it can be difficult to recognise and find them. Here are our top tips! How do I recognise if an article is Open Access (OA)? The open padlock symbol is a universal icon indicating whether an article is open access. Whenever…Continue Reading Finding Open Access Content

City Research Online – a year in figures

City Research Online (CRO) now contains 22,617 publications – most of which are journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings and theses. This year visitors topped 150,000 largely from the UK, with the Philippines, USA, India and Germany rounding out the top 5 most heavy users. Overall however CRO attracts users from all over the world,…Continue Reading City Research Online – a year in figures

Publish Gold Open Access with City’s Transformative Agreements

Have you ever thought about publishing your research open access? Library Services has Open Access transformative agreements with 8 major publishers through which you may be entitled to publish your paper via the Gold Open Access route at no cost for you. The process for using each agreement varies between publisher, but in general you…Continue Reading Publish Gold Open Access with City’s Transformative Agreements

The Benefits of Open Access

The principle benefits of open access were first enshrined within the visionary Budapest Open Access Initiative statement released on 14 February 2002, and are still very much alive 19 years later. The convergence of research sharing with technological distribution via the internet, it declared, would create an “unprecedented public good” by facilitating free, unrestricted, access…Continue Reading The Benefits of Open Access

International Open Access Week

This week marks International Open Access Week, an annually held event to celebrate the open sharing of knowledge. Open access has the potential to change the ways in which academic research is conducted, and offers a range of benefits to academia, science, industry and wider society. This years theme is “Community over Commercialization,” referencing the…Continue Reading International Open Access Week

UK Data Service webinars

The UK Data Service are offering webinars for researchers on different aspects of the service.  You can also browse the events pages for a full list of what is available such as: Introduction to the UK Data Service ,  Finding and accessing data from the UK Data Service , Dissertation projects: Introduction to secondary analysis for…Continue Reading UK Data Service webinars

Elsevier researcher webinar series

Designed to support academic and research-focused professionals, Elsevier webinars series  includes a variety of topics such as journal publishing in different disciplines, avoiding fake journals and conferences,  CiteScore  metrics and researcher engagement  will run from April 2023 to March 2024. Each session will feature Elsevier Customer Consultants, as well as local and international speakers. The…Continue Reading Elsevier researcher webinar series

Citing and referencing

Citing and referencing is how you acknowledge the sources (e.g. books, journal articles, websites) which you have used in your academic work. In-text citations show which source you are referring to. At the end of your work, a reference list gives the full details of the sources you have included. This allows someone reading your…Continue Reading Citing and referencing

Advanced Legal Research

A recommended place to start when carrying out advanced legal research is the law Library Guides. There are guides on finding cases and legislation, finding books and articles, citing and referencing, and practical legal research. The guides contain information, guidance and links on carrying out research and recommendations for which databases to use to find…Continue Reading Advanced Legal Research

Senate House Library – Bloom -new study space

If you are writing a thesis or a dissertation, you should consider joining other libraries to broaden your access to research. Senate House Library, University of London has particularly strong collections in arts, social sciences, humanities and literature, see details of how to obtain membership, It is also possible to join  online without visiting the…Continue Reading Senate House Library – Bloom -new study space