Publish Gold Open Access with City’s Transformative Agreements

Have you ever thought about publishing your research open access?

Library Services has Open Access transformative agreements with 8 major publishers through which you may be entitled to publish your paper via the Gold Open Access route at no cost for you. The process for using each agreement varies between publisher, but in general you need to select you want to publish open access when submitting your manuscript.

Transformative agreements, also known as ‘transitional’ or read and publish agreements, are ways for publishers to move from traditional subscription journals to an open access model. The open access costs payable in these agreements are covered by Library Services journal subscription payments to specific publishers.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you need to be the corresponding author and employed as Academic or Research staff. Library Services can also approve requests made by PhD students, if they have eligible City co-authors.

Is my article covered by the agreements?

The agreements usually cover the cost for original research and review articles. For more details check our Open access transformative agreements  guide.

I’m being asked to choose a license. Which one do I pick?

If your research is funded, you have to choose a license required by the funder. This is usually a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. You can read more on our Research funder open access policies guide.
We would encourage all authors to use the CC-BY license, because it enables the widest distribution of your work.

What are the benefits of publishing open access?

Your work won’t be locked behind a paywall, which means your research will be widely discoverable, and freely available, for anyone.

Journal subscriptions can be quite expensive. Free and unrestricted content enables professionals outside of academia or in developing countries, and the general public to access up-to-date research. This information can be used in decision making processes or become the foundation for future innovative research!

Open Access also increases the visibility of your work – and you can achieve higher citation rates.


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