Webinar 2: Lorna Campbell on open educational practices tomorrow at 11am

Lorna Campbell. CC-BY-SA-4.0, Mike Peel, Wikimedia Commons

I’m delighted to announce that the second webinar being run as part of the Digital Literacies and Open Practice module will be taking place on Tuesday 5th November from 11am-12pm GMT. It will be given by Lorna Campbell, from the University of Edinburgh and is entitled ‘Open for all? Engaging with open education practice at the personal and institutional level.‘ Once again it will be in Adobe Connect and is open to guests if you would like to join (no password). We will also be recording the session and I will share the slides and recording afterwards for those who can’t join us live.

I read Lorna’s blog post on the Soul of Liberty: openness, equality and co-creation last year. It is based on a conference keynote that she gave. I had already thought that open practice was important, but she explores a whole range of issues however the most important point of the post for me is the section that is entitled Inclusion, Exclusion and Structural Inequality. Openness is about things being free, and reducing costs, but it’s also about trying to address inequalities in education. Inequalities are all around us; who has power, who gets access to knowledge, who’s voice gets heard and it’s such a powerful part of the open movement, to try and redress that on many levels. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and I hope that some of you will join us! I was also delighted that Lorna joined me at the OER19 conference to share her experiences of being part of the Digital Literacies and Open Practice module.

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