First Webinar on Digital Literacy, Copyright and Creativity

Chris at CC Summit by Sebastiaan ter Burg2

On Tuesday 27th October at 11am the first webinar for the module EDM122 Digital Literacies and Open Practice will take place. This session is being delivered by Chris Morrison who is the Copyright, Licensing and Policy Manager at the University of Kent. Chris and I run the website and he is the creator of Copyright the Card Game and co-creator of The Publishing Trap, our game of open access and scholarly communication. Together we also run a regular webinar series on Copyright in a Time of Crisis, hosted by the Association for Learning Technology. We also have a fun podcast series called Copyright Waffle. Oh and we have a collection of novelty copyright t-shirts. No doubt Chris will be wearing one next week!

The webinar topic is based on a chapter that Chris wrote in the book Digital Literacy Unpacked¬†edited by Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker. Chris’s chapter is available on open access in the Kent Academic Repository.

If you are not formally enrolled on this module and wish to book a place on the webinar then please complete the form to book your place. A link will be sent to you ahead of the webinar, with the joining instructions.


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