Moodle 2: Quizzing your students

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Moodle offers lots of quiz questions and the list is endless:

  • Algebra  – students enter an algebraic formula for their answer.
  • Calculated – Students enter values calculated using the given values. Values are randomly selected from a set of possible values so it is unlikely that two students would get exactly the same question.
  • Description – Not a real question type. It is just used to add some descriptive text within a quiz, perhaps explaining the topic that the next questions come from or giving key formulae that will be used in the quiz.
  • Embedded Answers (Cloze) – Allows the use of multiple different question types within a single question.
  • Essay – Student enters a large amount of text as an essay. This must be marked manually.
  • Matching – Student select correct answers for a series of questions from dropdown lists.
  • Multiple Choice – Student chooses one or more answer from a selection.
  • Numerical – Student enters a number to answer – there can be a range of acceptable error.
  • Short Answer – Student types a word or phrase to answer.
  • True/False – Student selects from True or False.

A very popular quiz question is Multiple Choice

The Multiple Choice question type allows students to select the correct answer from a list of possibilities. Multiple Choice questions can be set up to allow only a single correct value, or to have multiple correct values. They are particularly useful for student self-assessment quizzes.

The Multiple Choice question type uses the common fields, with a few additional items, and has space to enter each of the possible answers and general feedback based on the overall result:


    • One or multiple answers: Select whether the question contains only a single correct response or whether it is made of multiple responses which are either correct or partially correct.
    • Shuffle the choices: Randomises the order of choices to make it slightly more difficult for students to copy answers.
    • Number the choices: Select the numbering scheme used for the responses, or switch off numbering.


    • Answer: The text of the answer.
    • Grade: Grade given when selecting this answer. For partial answers you should make sure that only by selecting all of the correct answers will a student be given 100%. Important: You should make sure that incorrect answers contain negative grades, otherwise students can get full makes by selecting all responses.
    • Feedback: Specific feedback displayed when a students selects this response.

Overall Feedback

    • For any correct response: Feedback displayed when the student gets a 100% grade.
    • For any partially correct response: Feedback displayed when the student gets between 0% and 100%.
    • For any incorrect response: Feedback displayed when the students get a 0% grade.

The students will see the following field when asked to answer an MCQ question.

For more information please see:

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