Assessment Improvements in Moodle 2.8

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This post is part of a series of blog posts introducing what’s new in Moodle 2.8. This post provides an overview of assessment improvements in Moodle 2.8.

Grader Report/Gradebook

  1. The Grader Report is easier to use across devices with its horizontal and vertical scroll.
  2. There is “single view” of any row or column which enables you to edit grades of one student or a grade item for all students.
  3. There is a new filter to help you locate students by first name/last name and this feature will help staff to manage large gradebooks.
  4. There is a Grade History that shows a history of grade changes.
  5. Sum of grades has been replaced with Natural weighting.

    Grader Report Improvements

    Grader Report Improvements

The screencast below provides more detailed information on the changes to Grader Report in Moodle 2.8.

 Moodle assignment

Lecturers can add additional files for use by students undertaking an assignment. This could be used to provide example answer templates or coursework coversheets to students.

Assignment additional file

Assignment additional file


Turnitin assignment

The latest version of Turnitin brings digital receipts for students on submission of assignments and better reporting from the Moodle logs on Turnitin submissions.

Turnitin digital receipt

Turnitin digital receipt


The screencast below demonstrates the improvements to Moodle and Turnitin assignment.


The Edit quiz page has been changed to make it easier to manage quiz questions and build effective quizzes.

Improvements in adding Quiz questions

Improvements in adding Quiz questions

Training and Guidance

Guidance for these new features and existing functionality in Moodle will be available from the 30th of June from

To support staff in exploring the new features in Moodle 2.8, LEaD will be running a series of initial workshops on What’s new in Moodle 2.8 after the update on 30th June. These sessions will run for 90 minutes and are suitable for all staff who have responsibility for designing, managing and/or administering Moodle modules. Staff can book a session using this form:

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