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Dealing with Interview Questions

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So, I assume you are here because you have managed to secure yourself an interview on one of our health care courses, preferably Speech and Language Therapy (but, I am biased). You might have searched over the web for tips, tricks and general advice for how to ace an interview. Unsatisfied with general advice, you might have delved further to blogs detailing the precise angle to place your body in relation to the interviewer, how many millilitres of water to sip every minute and at what tenth of a second does appropriate eye contact become staring?

Let me reassure you that those things generally come second to the quality of your answers. It is nothing like ‘The Apprentice’ where you will be penalised for not knocking on the door (Ruth Badger, series 2) * or questioned by Claude Littner about the 2 pages of potential logos that decorate your business plan before walking out the wrong way (Solomon Akhtar, series 10) **. The academics have already seen your UCAS personal statement and have invited you in for an interview on its merit!

Now you just need to prepare yourself for the questions that you might be asked- so I picked out a few questions that have been asked in past on ‘The Apprentice’ and detail how they might relate to an interview at City.

  1. Why should you be Lord Alan’s next apprentice?

This question serves to determine your underlying motivations for applying and provides you with an excellent opportunity to express your enthusiasm for the course. You can highlight how your skills, experience and abilities have prepared you for the degree and how this degree will propel you in the future.

      2. Do you know what Amstrad sell? 

Even I had to research the answer to this one! Questions like these are partially knowledge-based and require you to have researched the university course beforehand. What differentiates City from the other universities offering the same course, and how does this align with your personal preferences?

     3. Have you ever lied or cheated? 

Do not worry, you will not be asked this during your interview. The nature of these questions is to gauge an understanding of your character, and whether you would be suited to the demands and nature of the degree. It can be a challenge to deal with competing deadlines, placement and having a life.


Hence, I wish you all the best in your interview and remember that the quality of your answers is vital in securing a place. Moreover, whilst interviews allow universities to see if you are a perfect fit for them, they also allow you the opportunity to see if they are a perfect fit for you!


*Video: (19 mins, 18 seconds in)

**Video here as a reminder:

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