Main SOFIA results paper published in BMJ Open

We’re excited that our main results article has just been published!

The article reports on whether the study was feasible and acceptable, the clinical outcomes, and the perspectives of the therapists, recruitment sites and people with aphasia.

It’s open access, free to download. Click here to read the paper.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy in Post-Stroke Aphasia (SOFIA): feasibility and acceptability results of a feasibility randomised wait-list controlled trial


We’ve also created a 4-minute video summarising the results.

Here’s the link to the video:


Here are some key findings:

The therapy was perceived as valuable and acceptable both to people with aphasia and also the Speech and Language Therapists working in the trial. 44% of our participants had severe aphasia – they also gave the therapy the thumbs up.

We were able to recruit to time and on target.

We were able to retain people within the trial: we followed up 97% of our participants at 6 months.

Training, regular supervision and real-time support were all considered essential to enable Speech and Language Therapists to deliver this intervention.

We hope you enjoy reading the article!

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