The SOFIA Research Assistants

Research Assistants

We are lucky to have a great team of Research Assistants. They are visiting participants to carry out the questionnaires exploring mood and how people are getting on. They are all experienced Speech and Language Therapists. They are also all involved in other research taking place in the Division of Language and Communication Science, here at City, University of London.

Jo Wallinger

Jo also works for Professor Vicky Joffe. Jo’s research interests lie in improving the life chances of young people and unemployed adults with speech, language and communication needs. She is also interested in exploring how best to engage Speech and Language Therapists with evidence based practice. You can follow Jo on twitter: @JoWallinger




Niamh Devane

Niamh also works as a Researcher on the wonderful EVA Park project here at City University. EVA Park is a on-line virtual world designed with and for people with aphasia. It’s a fantastical world where people with aphasia can build their confidence, improve their communication skills and have fun along the way. You can follow Niamh on twitter: @NiamhDevane You can also follow EVA Park: @EVAphasia




Rachel Barnard

Rachel is a PhD student at City University. She has spent many, many hours on stroke units observing the interactions between nurses and Speech and Language Therapists as they deliver care to people with aphasia. Rachel is now immersed in analyzing and writing up her data. You can follow Rachel on twitter: @Rachel_Barnard_




Other researchers involved in SOFIA


Dr Abi Roper

Abi is involved in co-facilitating the SOFIA Aphasia Advisory Group. She has also given me lots of technical help, support and general encouragement in setting up this blog! Abi’s PhD explored a computer gesture therapy for people with severe aphasia, and she is now working on the INCA project and the SUPERB project here at City. Abi is passionate about how technology can be used within Speech and Language Therapy, and by people with aphasia. She has recently helped to set up a blog ‘Computers in Therapy Toolkit’. Abi also has a website about her work including some great videos. You can follow Abi on twitter: @abracabadger


Dr Becky Moss

Becky was involved in the pilot study for SOFIA, both carrying out the questionnaires also conducting the in-depth interviews. Becky’s PhD delivered and evaluated a training programme in which people with aphasia were taught to use assistive technology, such as voice recognition software. She is now working on the SUPERB trial, exploring adjustment and peer support post stroke and aphasia, led by Professor Katerina Hilari. You can follow Becky on twitter: @BeckMoss