Web of Knowledge Enhancements May 2013

Web of Knowledge enhancements 2013

Enhanced Author search

There are 3 search options for retrieving papers associated with an author name
1. Select ‘Author’ from the Web of Science search menu
2. Use the Author Search Tool This allows selection of the research domain and institution
3. Search for papers using the Author Identifier (ResearcherID or OCID).

Organization-Enhanced searching

This the ability to search by an organization name that has been unified for the most comprehensive and specific search results.

Why is it important?
Without this functionality, a user would need to create elaborate search queries to collect all associated branches and alternate spellings of the organization.

By unifying the records, organization enhanced searching allows the user to browse a directory of organizations and their associated variants via the Preferred Organization Name Thesaurus search aid.

Create Alert/ RSS

This is now easier and possible across all Web of Knowledge databases on the results summary page. There is a button available on the results page.


This is a community of over 270K researchers, at various points in their careers and covering different industries. It is free to use.

Benefits of ResearcherID
• View professional information (current, joint and past affiliations, role, expertise, WebPages, name variants)
• View author level Citation Metrics (Times Cited)
• H index
• Search for collaborators
• View author collaboration network
• View author impact network


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