Searching for similarly themed open access research outputs, such as those held in institutional repositories such as City Research Online (CRO), has been significantly improved in recent years by repository software tool CORE Recommender.  The recommender searches over 135 million research papers aggregated by CORE, the world’s largest collection of open access papers, offering a selection of articles similar to those being accessed by the user. This allows CRO users to access research outputs on similar themes to City publications, and ensures City’s publications can be accessed by users of other open access repositories.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional recommenders, which make suggestions on user’s browsing preferences, CORE recommender employs unique algorithms. These work to identify content based on similarities with other articles held in the CORE collection, facilitating improved access to research.

Where is it in CRO?

When browsing content in CRO, the CORE recommendations appear at the bottom of the article page giving full access when selected:

How can it help City academics?

Designed to support the spread of open access research publications, the recommender has a number of benefits to City academics depositing their work in CRO including:

  • Increased discoverability, and wider dissemination, of City research publications
  • Higher citation counts
  • Identification of other researchers working in specific areas enabling further collaborative research

How can it help CRO users?

Visitors to CRO will find the tool offers the following benefits:

  • Free access to content
  • Enhanced search capability for relevant research papers
  • Reduction in time taken to search for articles in journal platforms and databases

If you would like more information about this, or if you need help with uploading your research to CRO, contact the Publications Team.





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