Resource Round Up: Looking after Yourself

There’s more stuff than ever out there to do at home and online, but with more and more added every day it’s getting tough to find useful, interesting and helpful resources. That’s where we’re coming in with our top three picks of what we’ve found each week to help you get straight to the useful bits.

With lockdown (kind of!) ending and the summer holidays coming up, we’re looking this week at Self-Esteem and Resilience. It’s easy at the moment to feel really overwhelmed, which doesn’t help your study, your health or happiness! So here’s our top three resources we’re using and thinking about to look after ourselves and others this week.

Hannah’s Top Pick: Young Readers Story Club – Self Esteem

Do you feel a bit like a broken pot sometimes? There are always flowers you might not know about…

A really lovely, short episode of Story Club for younger children on self esteem and self regard with stories from Jumana Moon and Cecilia Knapp. Suitable for students to listen to on their own and links to the fantastic Young Readers club!

Maz’s Top Pick: YoungMinds – Believe in Yourself

There can be a whole lot going on in there sometimes!

YoungMinds is a charity that supports young people with mental health issues and campaigns for better understanding of mental health in society. Their Believe in Yourself section has a great selection of tips and tricks that everyone can use to feel a bit stronger, more positive and more focused. Well worth checking out no matter how you’re feeling right now – and loads more resources you can find on how to get yourself into a supportive and helpful frame of mind.

Ben’s Top Pick: Do something you love! 

One hour work, ten minutes Warhammer…

I’m cheating this week by recommending something to do rather than resources! Hobbies and activities are a great way to give yourself something fun and relaxing to do that also has a bit of structure to it. No matter if you’re working or studying or just a bit bored, it’s worth breaking up your tasks into sections and take frequent shorter breaks to do something you love to do! That way you’re always getting a little reminder that you’re good at something, even when things are very difficult.

I work with a painting set opposite my computer so that I can do some miniature painting while I’m having a break. Other people in the team have books to read, stories to write, embroidery to do or exercise regimes, yoga or meditation. Anything that gets your mind into a completely different and creative space once an hour or so will help you feel positive about yourself and your work.

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