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Hello and welcome from the Business School Careers & Professional Development team!


Many of you will be looking to study an MSc with a view to using it to help either start or progress your career. With that in mind engaging with Cass Careers and making the most of the opportunities and resources available to you should be high on your list of priorities.

The Careers team have a wealth of experience from across different industries and know what it takes to stand out from the competition, whether you are applying for a graduate position, an internship or an experienced hire role.

So how can we help?

Once you have paid your deposit you can start engaging with the careers team. Some of the Key ways to engage with Careers will be;

Cass Careers Online (CCO) – Once you start your course you will be given access to CCO which is our online careers portal. With everything from careers resources and job vacancies to registering for events and booking one to ones it provides invaluable assistance at every step of your career search.

Workshops – Our workshops are held throughout the academic year starting in September, with a higher concentration in October and November to reflect the typical cycle of recruitment processes during this time. Our workshops cover areas such as CV’s and applications, cover letters, assessment centres and presentation skills among others.

One to one support – Sit down with a member of the careers team for one to one guidance and advice on anything in the application process from job search, feedback on your CV to mock interviews in which we will give you individual feedback.

Opportunities to engage with employers – These will include but are not limited to company presentations, both on and off campus, panel events and the Autumn Careers fair which will be your first opportunity to engage with employers. This years’ Careers fair will be held on Friday 29th  September.

These opportunities are an incredibly valuable source to find out more about a company and start building your network, learning about the culture and skills a company is looking for will help you tailor your applications when you apply. We will be announcing which companies are confirmed for our fair through our facebook page over the next few months.

What can you do now?

Start thinking about where you want to apply and start your research. Check when companies open and close their applications and what their recruitment process is.

Once you have paid your deposit you will also be given access the Induction website where you will find more information and guidance from the Careers team to help you including information on updating your CV’s and LinkedIn profiles. If you are starting to make applications and need some advice or would like feedback on your CV before you send it then please contact us at  and if you are in London over the summer and would like to pop in for a chat then please email us to arrange a time.

Look out for our next blog in a couple of weeks time on the job market in the UK.

We look forward to meeting you all in September.

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